mimaki UJV 100 – 160 (UV)

MIMAKI UJV 100 – 160 (UV)


Entry Level UV Printer with Wide range of business from indoor/outdoor signs to special printing.


• Equipped with Auto Feed / dot position correction function ⇒ DAS (Dot Adjustment System).
• Achieves high-quality prints with a less graininess of at least 4pl and rich in gradation.
• Equipped with Mimaki’s unique banding reduction system “MAPS4“ (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4).
• Monitors nozzle missing with NCU / NRS and realizes automatic recovery operation.
• High-speed mode 18.6sqm2/h with glossy PVC, standard mode 6.8sqm2/h with window film.
• No drying time required by curing with UV irradiation.
• Printing on transparent media and colored media with white ink is possible.
• Highly versatile media that can print on media without a receiving layer or media that is
sensitive to heat.
• High density and high image quality suitable for illuminated signs at airports and department stores.
• VOC Free.