About Us

Founder’s Say

We formed the company to do business and generate revenue for the family as it is done normally. The business was supplying equipment for advertising companies. But when we entered deeply in the business, we found that this business is all about colors, means giving colors to the surrounding that in turn gives color to life.
In the printing industry, the basic colors are only four (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), which in turn make 16.7 million colors. Similarly, in life and business, there are 4 things- family, ethical values, and responsibility and of course money but these 4 things together can give a million reasons to be happy and celebrate.
We have grown from scratch to a serious service provider for the Digital Textile Printing Industry by keeping one thing in mind, that whatever we do small or big, it must be wholesome and fulfilling in all respect.
About our social responsibility for the environment, we are giving eco-friendly solution for the textile industry, which saves energy, water and creates less pollution and we are committed to improving in that direction.

Individually I give importance to the personal development of an employee in all respect. We proudly say that many people working in the industry are being trained by us. Finally, our journey began and got growth to immense faith shown by our customers in us and gracefully acknowledges that their satisfaction and support was always there.

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  • Integrity
  • Customer Centric
  • Quality – (In Culture)
  • Accountability – (Beyond Responsibility)
  • Learning – (Pro Active)
  • Mutual Respect


  • Leadership image and leadership position.
  • Increasing the reach geographically and vertically continuously.
  • Special emphasis on setting up indirect sales channels both vertically and horizontally.
  • Maintaining the status of the most admired company in support.
  • Continuous investment in the development of manpower, product and new market segments.
  • Continuous interaction, education and understanding the needs of a customer.
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Our History

APSOM Technologies was established as a service provider for the IT Industry.It strived to evolve its business with changing times from being a Hardware vendor to a solution provider for the Signage and Textile Industry.Today, we deal with various multinational organizations throughout Japan,China,South-Korea,Taiwan,Europe etc

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APSOM Technologies has developed an efficient management system for the Indian market, to ensure that the product reaches to our customers are of high International quality. APSOM Technologies has a deep understanding of the Signage & Textile market in India. Today, a critical component to the success of any given brand or product is the availability of trained manpower, who are able to provide satisfactory service & maintenance. APSOM Technologies, with its far seeing vision, intends leveraging its service division by creating a pool of trained manpower with specific training in the products manufactured by our associates. This will give a much need edge to the Sales efforts.

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